How Do You Get a Ticket for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"?

How Do You Get a Ticket for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"?

How Do You Get a Ticket for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show"?

To get a ticket for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show," request a ticket through the show's official website. If a ticket is available, a representative of the show will get in contact by phone within 2 weeks of the original request.

Fans of "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" can attend live tapings of the show free of charge. Tapings take place in the Warner Bros. Studios in Burbank, California. Although tickets are free, fans must request tickets in advance. To request tickets online, use the following steps.

  1. Visit the show's official website.
  2. Fans must request tickets through the official website for "The Ellen DeGeneres Show." They can find the page to reserve ticket by clicking "Tickets" on the website banner.

  3. Choose a date.
  4. The page features a calendar that displays upcoming taping dates. All booked dates are marked as "Fully Booked" and available dates are market as "Tickets Available."

  5. Fill out the form.
  6. Click on an available date on the calendar. Fill out the form and submit it to request tickets.

  7. Wait 2 weeks.
  8. A staff member will call within 2 weeks if tickets are available on requested dates. If a staff member does not call to officially book tickets, that means that tickets were not available.

  9. Resubmit a ticket request.
  10. If tickets were not available, fans can choose a new date and make a new request.

Fans who find themselves out of luck with the online request process can also try calling the show's day of ticket number on the day of a taping. "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" keeps a small amount of tickets to offer fans shortly before the show tapes.