What Is Three-Dimensional Art?


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Three-dimensional art is observed in terms of its height, width and depth. It is not flat like two-dimensional art, which consists of paintings, drawings and photographs. Pottery and sculpture are examples of three-dimensional art.

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What Is Three-Dimensional Art?
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"Form" is a term used to describe three-dimensional artwork. Forms can be geometric or organic. Three-dimensional art has volume, which is the amount of space occupied by the form. The form also has mass, which means that the volume is solid and occupies space.

Three-dimensional art design is comprised of three main elements: balance, proportion and rhythm. Balance denotes visual balance, not the actual ability to stand upright. Proportion refers to the various parts of the three-dimensional object. The parts need to give the appearance of belonging together. Rhythm is the repetition of line or shape within the overall form.

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