What Threat Does Abigail Make to the Other Girls?

In The Crucible, Abigail threatens to visit the girls at night and bewitch anyone who exposes her plan. She also threatens to make them regret seeing the sun go down if they betray her.

Abigail forces the girls to go along with her plans by threatening witchcraft and violence against anyone who exposes her act of drinking blood and conjuring a spell against John Proctor's wife, Elizabeth. When Mary Warren accuses Abigail and the others of lying, the group accuses her of witchcraft to damage her credibility with the court.

Abigail is depicted as a headstrong character who uses whatever means possible to achieve her goals. Her plan is to get rid of Elizabeth because she is madly in love with John Proctor. She begins her plan by accusing a vagrant and town drunk, which establishes her credibility in the community. She then accuses Elizabeth so the court has no choice but to hear her grievances.