What Are Some Things to Do With Old Magazines?

Old magazines can be used for recycling, donated to local organizations or passed on to friends and family who have yet to read them. Recycling magazines is the most logical choice, because trees must be cut down to produce them.

Most of the time, magazines are read just one time before they are thrown away or stacked up around the house. Passing magazines on to friends is one of the fastest and simplest ways to get an old magazine back into circulation. An old magazine can also be given a second life by holding a monthly readers' exchange. These gatherings allow people to exchange old magazines and books that have otherwise run their course.

Doctors' offices, hospitals and other businesses that have waiting rooms are always looking for new magazines. Many of these establishments happily take old magazines off a person's hands just to get some fresh reading material in their lobbies. Women's shelters and nursing homes are other examples of places that typically accept old magazines.

People who have tired of their current magazine subscriptions can cancel anytime by looking for the circulation department phone number on their magazine masthead. The consumer is refunded the remaining balance upon cancellation.