What Things Did Athena Do?

In Greek mythology, Athena is the goddess of arts, wisdom, literature, war, defense and heroism, and she became patron saint of Athens, turned Arakhne into a spider, helped heroes in their quests and participated in the judgment of Paris and the Trojan War. Athena carries an aegis, which is a type of shield.

Athena and Poseidon wanted control of Attika, so they each tried to win Zeus' favor. Poseidon created a sea, while Athena planted the first olive tree. Zeus granted Attika to Athena, which she named Athens. She challenged Arakhne to a weaving contest and turned her into a spider, and she helped Perseus find Medusa so he could slay her. Athena was one of three goddesses competing for the title of "the fairest," which Paris decided was Aphrodite. In the Trojan War, Athena fought for the Greeks but attacked Greek ships in a storm when Ajax desecrated her shrine.