What Are Some Things to Do When Boredom Strikes?


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Volunteer work at a local pet shelter, baking, flying a kite, and going for a bike ride are just a few things to do when boredom hits. More activity ideas include flying a kite, creating a map, building blanket forts, or going fishing.

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What Are Some Things to Do When Boredom Strikes?
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Call up the local pet shelter and ask if you can take the dogs for a walk or play with the cats. Many pet shelters are in need of more volunteers to exercise the animals, so your help and time may be appreciated.

If it's a rainy or a cold day, pull out that favorite recipe book or look online for new, creative recipes for baked goods. For more fun, experiment by making up your own recipes or adding a twist to old classics, like adding pistachios to chocolate chip cookies. If you're feeling adventurous and have lots of time on your hands, make a full-course French meal for friends and family, or whip up some dips and invite some friends over.

Parks and open fields are the best places to fly a kite, but just make sure there's at least a mild breeze in the air before heading out. Look for new places to ride a bicycle, or go for a run to keep boredom at bay. If there are woods nearby, take a hike through them, and write down some interesting things you see, or learn the different types of trees and study the plants.

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