What Are Some Theories About Whether Sonny Is Leaving "General Hospital"?

As of January 2016, people have questioned whether mobster Sonny Corinthos, played by Maurice Benard, would continue to be featured on the soap opera "General Hospital" for much longer. After Sonny was shot on his wedding day, many fans feared the character would be killed off, while others claimed they could not imagine the show without him. Some feared he was headed for prison, and others suggested his character might have to disappear if his crimes are uncovered.

When Sonny was shot, it provided an easy possible exit for the character from the show, and viewers noted that regardless of how well Sonny recovered from his injuries, it is only a matter of time before his murder of Michael's father, AJ Quartermaine, becomes known. Once that happens, it is impossible to predict what the future has in store for Sonny.

Some people have speculated that Sonny could leave the show by being sent to prison for AJ's murder or that he might have to go underground to avoid imprisonment.

Speaking in a September 2015 interview, Benard noted that his contract with "General Hospital" had not yet been renewed and that, while he was happy on the show, he was also interested in pursuing other work. He played a starring role in the 2015 film "The Ghost and the Whale," which led to more speculation about the actor's fate with the series.