What Are Some of the Themes of the Rainbow Magic Books?

What Are Some of the Themes of the Rainbow Magic Books?

Some of the themes of the Rainbow Magic book collection include pet keeper fairies, music fairies, weather fairies and sporty fairies. There are also books about ocean fairies, jewel fairies, party fairies, holiday fairies and dance fairies.

A few of the book titles from the Rainbow Magic pet keeper fairy theme are “Molly the Goldfish Fairy,” “Bella the Bunny Fairy” and “Katie the Kitten Fairy.” The fairies in these books make sure that pets find homes that are safe. There are also books about animals such as a pony, puppy, guinea pig and hamster.

Books about music fairies feature characters who play various instruments. There are books about a pianist, drummer and violinist. Various other musical fairy books include “Maya the Harp Fairy,” “Sadie the Saxophone Fairy” and “Fiona the Flute Fairy.”

There are seven weather fairy books from Rainbow Magic. These fairies are in charge of fixing the weather in Fairyland. Book titles with this theme include “Storm the Lightning Fairy,” “Goldie the Sunshine Fairy” and “Abigail the Breeze Fairy.” There are also titles representing snow, clouds, mist and rain.

Sporty fairy books involve a variety of sports, such as tennis, football and skating. Examples of other sporty fairy titles are “Samantha the Swimming Fairy,” “Helena the Horseriding Fairy” and “Gemma the Gymnastic Fairy.”