What Is the Theme of the Play "Ramayana"?


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The central theme of the play "Ramayana" is the traditional battle between good and evil. The play depicts the adventures of the hero, Rama, as he tries to rediscover his lost kingdom.

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"Ramayana" has been compared to Homer's epic poems, the "Odyssey" and the "Iliad." These poems depicted the battle of a lost nation as it attempted to find its lost queen. In "Ramayana," the queen is Sita. She represents the lost soul of Rama, with which he is trying to reunite.

The poem is from the country of India and is a Sanskrit poem, attributed to Valmiki. He was a Sanskrit poet and a Hindu sage. Ramayana is an epic poem in Hindu literature as it depicts the proper duties of relationships in Indian life. The poem showcases characters like the ideal servant, brother, wife, father and king.

There are seven books that make up the poem and it consists of 24,000 verses. Ramayana is not just a poem to the people of India. They view it as a central part of Hinduism and, in fact, many believe that simply hearing or reading it brings the reader blessings and cleanses him or her from sin. Many Hindu people have traveled through India based on the holy sites mentioned in the play.

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