What Is the Theme of "The Jungle Book"?

theme-jungle-book Credit: Andy Bowman/CC-BY-2.0

The theme of “The Jungle Book” covers the important relationships in a human’s life and the relationship that everyone has with nature. “The Jungle Book” also covers qualities such as loyalty, courage, tradition, honor, persistence and integrity.

A boy taken in by wolves and raised as one of them is an instance of the exploration of family life in “The Jungle Book,” and the ill treatment of the boy when brought into the human community explores the negative qualities of human nature.

Unity between the animal and human race along with faith is explored in “The Jungle Book” story “Toomai of the Elephants,” as it tells the tale of a young elephant trainer by the name of Toomai who believes in a tale of an elephant dance. Toomai is rewarded for maintaining his faith, despite older trainers attempting to dissuade him, by his own elephant bringing him to the secret event.

Another story entitled “The White Seal” explores the idea of courage, although one may be small, with the tale of a seal pup saving a large number of his species from the fur trade. “Her Majesty’s Servants” tells the tale of a man overhearing a royal animal camp conversation solving the concerns of humans.