What Is the Theme of the Book "The Construction of Secret Hiding Places"?


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The theme of the book "The Construction of Secret Hiding Places" is how to create concealed storage spots of various sizes. The 60-page work, written by Charles Robinson, describes the step-by-step process to build hidden stashes into everyday objects such as cans, boxes, shoes and books, as well as larger spaces behind walls, in heating and cooling vents, and under stairs.

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The hiding places Robinson's book proposes are intended to hide valuables such as jewelry, cash or even people. He notes that these concealed storage spots are intended to foil petty and professional thieves alike by hiding things inside ordinary objects, essentially in plain sight. The concept defeats criminals because it's unlikely any burglar has sufficient time to disassemble every object in the house in search of goods.

Many of the guides in the book utilize false-bottom or false-wall designs. Drawers, for example, can hide flat objects by placing a second, exactly sized bottom over a lower cavity with spacers to support it.

The book is available for download in PDF format from TruthIsTreason.net. Click on the Files | PDFs header on the homepage, and then click on the link of the book title under the Urban Gardening, Farming, Homesteading, Pioneering and Bushcraft heading.

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