What Theaters Feature the Most Movies?

As far as the sheer number of showings, a first-run multiplex or megaplex theater such as AMC features the most movies, although many screens may double up on the same film or retain holdouts from the previous weeks. Some independent theaters, on the other hand, may indeed show a larger variety of movies each year due to shorter theater runs.

Movie theaters with at least two screens and up to 20 screens are called multiplexes. Movie theaters with more than 20 screens are often branded as megaplexes. First-run theaters feature newly released blockbusters and are often bound by contract to display the film for an average of four weeks regardless of whether the film is a flop or a blockbuster, with the majority of ticket revenue going to the studio early in the run. Although multiplexes have a greater number of screens to display films on, contracts with movie studios lead to less film turnover.

Independent theaters, on the other hand, prioritize classics and independent films. Such theaters are usually not bound to the strict contracts that accompany new Hollywood releases, and so can potentially play a new film every single day. These theaters have fewer showings than multiplexes, but feature a greater number of titles.