What Are Some Thai TV Soap Operas?

Some Thai soap operas include "Thep Sung Warn," "Thep Sarm Rudoo," "Ban Deang Nang Ay," "Jaoying Khuntong" and "Kaew Na Mah." Other soap operas are "Pi Khun Tong," "Nang Sib Song," "Prasuton-Manora," "Tida Dao Dum" and "Uthaitaywee," as of 2015.

Thai soap operas are popular programs on Thai television. Many Thai dramas and soap operas are based on written novels, and there are numerous folk series soap operas that are based on famous Thai folk stories, such as "Nang Sib Song" and "Thep Sarm Rudoo." Some modern Thai soap operas are "La Ruk Sut Kop Fah," "Plerng Chim Plee" and "Sud Kaen Saen Ruk."