Are Thai Dramas Similar to Japanese Dramas?


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Thai dramas are not very similar to Japanese dramas, although they share several characteristics. Both normally air for only one season, and experts consider both inferior to Korean dramas, which are comparable to Hollywood-style productions. Japanese and Thai dramas are similar to low-budget indie-films by comparison.

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Japanese dramas generally surpass Thai dramas in terms of budgets and production quality. Japanese entertainment is very anime- and manga-driven, and Japanese dramas tend to reflect this cultural obsession. Japanese dramas are also more liberal and progressive in portraying themes such as homosexuality and physical intimacy.

Thai dramas, or "lakorns," are subject to stricter budgetary and government constraints that limit quality and content. Thai lakorns may be more demure in depictions of physical intimacy but are gaining more critical acclaim and becoming more popular among southeast Asian viewers, as of January 2016. The most frequently used theme in Thai lakorns is known as the "slap/kiss," which focuses on revenge and hatred and often depicts extreme violence and rape.

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