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One of the most notable Texas artists was Robert Rauschenberg, a well-known pop artist famous for his "combines," which blend painting and found objects. While Rauschenburg became famous in New York for works like "Bed" and "Erased de Kooning Drawing," he was born in Port Arthur, Texas, and earned a degree at the University of Texas before moving east.

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Other Texas artists include Elizabeth Keefer Boatright, who was known for western-themed works such as "Black Eagle Dance" and "The Sand Painter," and Olin Herman Travis, who painted landscapes and genre scenes, including "Red and Black" and "Lakeside."

Many of Texas' artists, including DeForrest H. Judd and Otis Dozier, worked primarily in landscapes, painting western scenes that featured adobe houses, prairie scenes, and Texas wildlife. While many of these artists tackled similar subject matter, their techniques and materials presented different views of western landscapes, from large-scale views of the plains to pieces that focus on individual homes or farms. Jerry Bywaters and Janet E. Turner were two other artists who focused on Texas landscapes and wildlife.

Other Texas artists, such as Coreen M. Spellman and Horace Oakley Robertson, were known for their portraiture. Both artists drew and painted individuals in Texas, including farmers and ranchers.

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