What Are Some Facts About Tevin Campbell's Parents?

What Are Some Facts About Tevin Campbell's Parents?

Tevin Campbell's mother, Rhonda Byrd has been a central figure in the musician's life and career, supporting him, helping him make a name for himself, and working as his manager. His father was an absent father, and Tevin has no relationship with him.

Tevin Campbell met his father for the first time in 1991 and claims that he has no relationship with him, although he respects him for the fact that he is his parent. The musician explained in a 1992 interview, a year after the first father-son encounter, that he felt no love for him because he was never there. This is the reason why so little is known about this man, because he had no role in the life of his famous son.

On the other hand, Campbell's mother, Rhonda Byrd, has been a crucial figure in both his personal and his professional life. The musician speaks of her as someone who has been there for him his whole life, and he deems her irreplaceable. Rhonda herself was a local singer when Campbell was a young boy, and she sparked his career by first letting him sing with her at events such as weddings. She later helped him move on from being a member of a church choir to becoming a solo artist.

Rhonda was the one who first recognized Tevin's talent and helped him become what he is today by slipping a video clip of him singing in a club to jazz flutist Bobbi Humphrey, who also saw a possible bright future for the young boy and helped him make his first step towards his now great career.

Rhonda, who was once a postal worker, went from being a local singer and clerk to being Campbell's manager.