What Does the Term ''arts and Crafts'' Mean?


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The term "arts and crafts" can be used in different contexts, from the general practice of creative endeavor that includes such practices as sculpting, painting, pottery and woodworking to the Arts and Crafts Movement led by English artist William Morris. The Arts and Crafts Movement included elements from art nouveau and focused on nature-inspired design elements in the decorative arts. This artistic movement inspired many famous artists and architects including the American architect Frank Lloyd Wright.

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What Does the Term ''arts and Crafts'' Mean?
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When the term is applied to creative practice in general, arts and crafts can refer to a wide variety of things, from an activity time in which children complete creative projects including simple ice pop stick and yarn crafts to a serious professional practice in which artisans and craftspeople create decorative and useful objects including paintings, furniture, dishware, jewelry, quilts and photographs. In professional and academic contexts, arts and crafts are often treated as two separate endeavors, although the two disciplines are becoming increasingly interrelated. Museums often display works of both art and craft together, such as a gallery with furniture and paintings. Academic institutions, such as the Oregon College of Art and Craft, combines the study of both art and craft.

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