What Are Some Telugu-Language Movies?

What Are Some Telugu-Language Movies?

"Current Theega," "Manam," "Pokiri," "Indra" and "Race Gurram" are examples of feature films in the Telugu language. Telugu cinema, also known as Tollywood, has been making Telugu-language films since 1933.

"Current Theega" is an action-comedy-romance and popular Tollywood feature film. It is about a man named Shiva Rama who is determined to marry each of his three daughters off to a groom of his choice. However, his youngest daughter, Kavita, falls in love with Raju, an easygoing youth, against her father's wishes.

"Manam" is a drama about a man, Bittu, who meets the reincarnations of his deceased parents. While trying to reunite his parents in their new life, Bittu falls in love himself, with a doctor.

"Indra," an action film released in 2002, is about the rivalry between the Indrasen family and the Reddy family. The police, fed up with the hostility, arrange a marriage between the two families. However, a member of the Reddy family uses the marriage as an opportunity to kill the head of the Indrasen household.

Telugu is a language primarily spoken in southern India, but it is also spoken in parts of eastern and central India, Pakistan, Nepal, Bangladesh and Malaysia. It is the official language of Yanam, India, and it is one of the 22 languages with official status in the Republic of India. Tollywood produced its first film in Telugu in 1933 and is currently the second-largest producer of Indian films.