How Do You Tell Someone You Care About Him or Her in a Letter or Poem?

It isn't always easy to express genuine affection towards someone you care for. However, it's always worthwhile to be honest and straightforward about your feelings. Honesty is just as important in writing as in person, though it is worthwhile editing your thoughts before you send them./

  1. Know what you want to say

    If you don't know what your feelings are, it is hard to express them. Find the time to talk about your feelings with a close friend, or free write about them for awhile without putting pressure on yourself. This way you are able to generate an authentic perspective on how you feel about the person to whom you are writing. If you choose to talk your feelings out, take notes so that you can save the important information for later.

  2. Decide on a format

    It is important to know ahead of time if you are writing a poem or a letter. If you are writing a letter, you need to use proper letter writing format. If you are writing a poem, you need to decide on the rhyme scheme and meter before digging in too deep. While there's nothing wrong with generating content, writing without purpose can lead to exhaustion.

  3. Edit your work

    One of the most common mistakes writers make is thinking that every word they write is sacred. Feel free to take out the sentences, lines, words or ideas that don't work well in your composition. Edit for spelling, punctuation and grammar. Read your writing out loud to make sure it sounds good and flows. If the piece is honest, well thought-out and thoroughly edited, you are sure to impress the special person in your life.