What Television Stations Offer TV En Espanol Spanish Services?

What Television Stations Offer TV En Espanol Spanish Services?

KTMD, WTBS-LD, WDNI-CD, KPDF-CA and WFTY-DT are five of approximately 150 television stations offering TV en Espanol Spanish services. Locations with higher percentages of Latino viewers tend to have a greater variety to choose from, and some stations share a parent network.

Telemundo is the parent network of KTMD and WDNI-CD, two Spanish language television stations serving Houston and Galveston, Texas, and Indianapolis, Indiana. The Texas-based station hosts its own website, TelemundoHouston.com, as does the Indianapolis-based station, TelemundoIndy.com.

Each station broadcasts a selection of news, sports and entertainment programming encompassing events within the Spanish-speaking community and regarding Latino celebrities, in addition to English-speaking, American, mainstream culture and international affairs.

WTBS-LD, also known as MundoFox, is a low-power Spanish television station serving metro Atlanta. The bulk of its programming is entertainment with an emphasis on serials, though Noticias MundoFox covers world, Mexican and U.S. news. The station is affiliated with La Prensa, a leading Spanish language newspaper, and the Wall Street Journal.

KDPF-CA broadcasts to Phoenix, Arizona, and is an affiliate of Azteca America. The station is a former affiliate of Home Shopping in Espanol, and US.Azteca.com is currently its interim website, as of May 2015. KDPF-CA programs include scripted and reality shows, international sports events and coverage, and news.

WFTY-DT, or UniMas Nueva York, serves New York and Newark, New Jersey. Owned by Univision Communications, WFTY-DT is home to "Sabado Gigante," the longest-running television variety series in history, as of May, 2015.