What Television Shows Were Cancelled in 2014?


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Some TV shows cancelled in 2014 include “Revolution,” “Community” and “The Crazy Ones.” From new shows to cult favorites, these prime time dramas and comedies could not maintain enough viewers to stay on the air.

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NBC’s post-apocalyptic drama “Revolution” was cancelled after a second season that saw its already low ratings slump even further. Focused on a world thrown into chaos after all electronic devices cease functioning, the show chased the same demographic as AMC’s popular “The Walking Dead,” but never found a comparable audience. Producers announced plans to continue the show as a digital comic book series in 2015.

Cult NBC sitcom “Community” fought cancellation for years before finally succumbing in 2014. Dan Harmon’s quirky comedy about the students and staff at a community college always battled low ratings in spite of critical acclaim, but fan support was not enough to save the show, which went off the air after its fifth season. Luckily, Yahoo’s new TV streaming service picked up the show for an additional sixth season, which aired in 2015.

The star power of Sarah Michelle Gellar and Robin Williams couldn’t save fledgling CBS sitcom “The Crazy Ones,” which was cancelled after just one season. Executive produced by David E. Kelly, the series starred Williams and Gellar as a father and daughter both employed at a prominent New York advertising firm. Even with a lead-in from the popular “The Big Bang Theory,” the show just could not hold viewer interest.

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