What Television Shows Were Canceled for Fall of 2015?

What Television Shows Were Canceled for Fall of 2015?

TLC's "19 Kids & Counting," Fox's "Glee," and NBC's "Parenthood" are among the shows that networks canceled prior to the fall 2015 television season. Other canceled shows include AMC's "Game of Arms," and NBC's "A to Z."

TLC canceled "19 Kids & Counting" in the wake of sexual allegations of molestation concerning the show's Josh Duggar. The cancellation of "Glee" came after six seasons and a period of declining ratings over several years. NBC decided in 2014 that the sixth season of "Parenthood" would be its last. This show's continuation had been tenuous for several years due to persistent low ratings.

Although AMC initially renewed its arm-wrestling reality show, "Game of Arms," for a second season, the network later opted to remove nearly all of its reality shows, including this one.

NBC canceled its romantic comedy about two young lovers, "A to Z," for the fall due to its low ratings. NBC also canceled its series "About a Boy" due to a serious drop in viewers after the show's first season.

While the CBS sitcom "The Millers" was successful in its first season, CBS opted to cancel it after its second season experienced a significant decline in ratings.

Showtime's "Nurse Jackie" also ended its run prior to the 2015 fall season.