What is the television show "Royal Pains" about?


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"Royal Pains" is a drama series about Hank Lawson, a doctor fired from his practice in New York City who moves to the Hamptons and becomes a concierge doctor. Accompanied by his brother Evan and assistant Divya, he solves difficult medical cases for the rich and poor alike.

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"Royal Pains" episodes typically follow a case-of-the-week format, presenting a patient with a mysterious malady and following Hank and his team through the process of identifying the ailment and coming up with an effective treatment. Hank often uses unorthodox methods to relieve conditions, such as using a plastic bag and writing pen to relieve pressure on a collapsed lung. In most cases, the malady is either a unique disease or condition that proves difficult to diagnose, or a more mundane injury or illness complicated by other factors.

The overall storyline of the show follows Hank's transition from salaried doctor to building his own business, falling under the sponsorship of his rich patron Boris. Hank finds himself caught up in the enigmatic millionaire's life, helping him to cope with his family's genetic disorder and even becoming involved in high-stakes international politics. In later seasons, Hank and Evan expand their company HankMed, bringing in new physicians to handle an ever-increasing workload.

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