What Is the Television Show "Long Island Medium" About?


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"Long Island Medium" is an American reality show about Theresa Caputo, a New York woman who claims to communicate with the dead. Episodes follow Caputo as she balances her family life and helping her clients find closure after the passing of a loved one. Caputo's husband Larry and children Victoria and Larry, Jr. appear in many of the episodes with her.

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While "Long Island Medium" depicts Caputo with clients who seek out her services and seem to believe she can communicate with the dead, like many other mediums, Caputo faces criticism from skeptics who believe her to be a charlatan who preys on the emotionally vulnerable. Skeptics argue that Caputo's apparent abilities are in fact the result of selective editing and an eagerness to believe on the part of her clients.

The James Randi Educational Foundation gave Caputo and TLC, the network that airs her show, its Pigasus Award, an award given to psychic performers who deceive great numbers of people. The foundation is one of Caputo’s staunchest critics.

Despite criticism, the show is a great success for TLC. As of 2015, the network aired more than 100 episodes of the show over the course of seven seasons, with first-air viewership of nearly every episode exceeding 1.5 million in the United States.

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