What Is the Television Show "Ask This Old House" About?


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"Ask This Old House" is a television show about various home improvement and gardening topics. The show takes questions from viewers of the original "This Old House" program and readers of the show's associated magazine, and experts answer the questions and demonstrate solutions on the air. Each show also features two segments in which an expert travels to a viewer's home and fixes a specific problem on camera.

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"Ask This Old House" features many of the experts from the regular "This Old House" program. Master carpenters and woodworkers Norm Abram and Bob Vila are the only regulars from "This Old House" who do not appear on the spinoff. For most of the program's run, both Vila and Abram each had their own weekly show, which limited their availability. While the original program focuses on a single home restoration each season, the spinoff deals with individual home maintenance and improvement topics.

While most of the show's segments focus on actual home improvement projects and problems, the "What Is It?" segment has a more humorous tone. In this part of the show, the experts are presented with an unusual tool or piece of equipment sent in by a viewer. Each expert then offers an absurd or unlikely use for the item before one expert explains its actual function.

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