What Is the Television Series "Land Girls" About?

"Land Girls" is a British drama that follows the lives of four women in the Land Army during World War 2. The television show was commissioned to commemorate that 70th anniversary of the war. The story takes place in a place called the Hoxley Estate in Britain.

The show was originally to be just the five episodes that aired during the miniseries in 2009, but had two more runs of five episodes each added in 2011. The show was the first period drama that the BBC channel had run during the daytime. The show follows the four members of the Women's Land Army as they realize that the war and the experience of joining the Land Army will change their lives forever. There are numerous reasons for the women joining from conscription to escaping abuse.

The show follows the women through everyday life on the working farm. They experience love, pregnancy, heartbreak, love and hate. There are many side characters that the four main women interact with. These additional characters come from many aspects of the women's lives, including the church, the land owners and family members. The characters have to deal with loss, murder and more as the war rages around them. There are a number of friendships and romances made as Americans and others are brought to the farm to work, house or heal, but not all of them work out as the characters expect and have deadly consequences for some.