What Is Televicentro Honduras?

What Is Televicentro Honduras?

Televicentro Honduras is a group of Honduran television stations operating out of the capitol city of Tegucigalpa. It was established in 1987 to unite four of the main television stations in Honduras.

The first television station in Honduras was Canal 5, which aired the Honduran independence day celebration on Sept. 15, 1959 as its first broadcast. It is primarily a news station, with much of its content coming from Univision and foreign telenovelas.

The Telesistema channel is entertainment focused with programming consisting of movies, television series, children's programming and sports. It also airs the top-rated Honduran news program "Hoy Mismo al Dia."

Telecadena programming is directed toward a younger audience, mainly children and teens. It also airs the news show "Abriendo Brecha."

Mega TV broadcasts a variety of entertainment programs, movies and TV series from the United States and Mexico.

These four channels all operate under Televicentro Honduras and share a common website but they are not the only Honduran television stations. Canal 6 and 8, Vica Television, Teleceiba and Crucena de TV also broadcast in Honduras but are not under the Televicentro umbrella.

Some Televicentro programming is licensed to air on other Honduran channels. "Abriendo Brecha" is rebroadcast on Channel 10.