What Is the Telenovela, "India" About?


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The Brazilian telenovela "India - A Love Story" is the tale of a couple, Raj and Maya, who are arranged to be married after each has had a love affair their families would not accept. They must learn to forget their past loves and build a new life together.

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Maya comes from a traditional Hindu family of the merchant caste. She always believed she would marry for love, not by arrangement. She falls hopelessly in love with Bahuan, an educated, rich and troubled man. Bahuan was born into the "dalit" or "untouchable" caste. He was orphaned at an early age and adopted by a Brahman holy man, but his past still haunts him. Maya's parents do not approve of her relationship, so she determines to run away with Bahuan.

Raj is a worldly, well-traveled executive. He, like Maya, is from a traditional family and the merchant caste but is in love with a Brazilian woman named Duda. She realizes she is pregnant after her relationship with Raj falls apart under his parents' scrutiny.

Maya and Raj are forced to marry to appease their parents. They must abandon their other loves and learn to love each other. Each brings secrets and family struggles into the marriage, threatening to disrupt their budding romance.

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