What Is the Telenovela "El Clon" About?


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The telenovela "El Clon" is about the love story of Jade and Lucas. Lucas is a young romantic who meets Jade in Morocco and the two of them fall in love. While the two love each other, cultural differences do not allow them to pursue their relationship, and the telenovela is about the two trying to realize their love.

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The series is divided into three parts. In the first part, after the death of her mother, Jade goes to live in Morocco with her conservative Muslim family. Lucas lives luxuriously thanks to his father's business, but he longs to be a musician. Lucas meets Jade and is immediately enraptured by her grace and beauty. The two speak and fall for one another, but Jade's uncle Ali is very staunch in his defense of conservative Muslim traditions, and he makes an enemy of Lucas and forbids the two from being together.

The series quickly becomes complicated in the subsequent parts when Diego, Lucas's twin brother, dies in an accident when he is on his way to visit his girlfriend. This situation becomes one of the biggest obstacles that Lucas has to overcome in order to be with Jade, and the series spans over 20 years as the two face challenges to be together.

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