How Do You Teach Kids How to Draw a Face?

How Do You Teach Kids How to Draw a Face?

Teach kids to draw faces using a geometric method that focuses on proportions. Use an oval, quadrants and relative distances to ensure each feature is in its proper place and draw simple features. You need a pencil, eraser, pen and paper.

  1. Have the child start with an oval divided into equal quadrants

    Draw a circle in pencil as a guide. Add a symmetrical oval inside the circle and the same height as the circle by making the sides narrower by the same amount on each side. Draw vertical and horizontal lines that intersect at the center and divide the oval into equal quadrants.

  2. Have the child add eyes and a nose

    Draw the outlines of eyes on the center horizontal line. Draw them equal in size with the space between them equal to about one eye. Add eyebrows just above each eye with short strokes that point out toward each side of the oval. Draw a line that curves slightly upward on each side for the base of the nose. Draw it halfway between the eyes and the base of the oval and bisected by the vertical line. Make it a little less than the width of one eye.

  3. Have the child add a mouth and a hairline

    Draw a horizontal line for the mouth halfway between the base of the nose and the base of the oval. Make it slightly wider than the nose base. Add small symmetrical lips on each side of and as wide as the line. Add a hairline that is straight or slightly curved down in the center to give a widow's peak. Make it the same distance from the eyebrows.

  4. Have the child add ears and details

    The ears should extend from the eyebrows to the base of the nose. With the basic elements in correct proportion, have the child experiment with details, such as adding pupils and irises to the eyes, making the base of the oval more angular for a jaw line, adding different hairstyles, adding nostrils and adding lines for the bridge of the nose.