How Do You Teach Children to Draw?


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To teach a child to draw, start with simple shapes and what they are called, such as circles, squares and rectangles. Draw faces and describe what makes each a happy or sad face or landscapes with simple flowers and trees. Guide the child as he replicates the drawings.

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Encourage the child to add his own details and describe what he is drawing. Never criticize the child, but help him shape the images so that they reflect the things he wants to draw. Name all the colors, even the more complicated ones, such as turquoise or ochre.

As the child gets more confident in his skill, add ideas about how to draw motion or movement and make images more realistic. The child is probably curious at this stage and may ask for help drawing a more detailed image. Provide objects for the child to draw, such as a bowl of fruit or a cereal box.

When a child's shapes and lines become stronger, begin to teach him about lighting and shadows. This is a good way to introduce the concept of dimension to make the images look less flat. One way to build skills in this area and others is to have the child draw the same image multiple times and show him his progress.

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