Who Is Tamar Braxton Married To?

Tamar Braxton is married to Vincent Herbert, a music producer and songwriter who has worked with various artists, such as Lady Gaga. The couple married in 2008 and, as of 2015, stars in the reality TV show "Tamar & Vince."

Tamar Braxton and Vincent Herbert became parents to a son named Logan Vincent Herbert on June 6, 2013. Tamar had announced the impending birth of their first child on a March 2013 appearance on "Good Morning America." Tamar Braxton dated her husband for five years before they married. Vincent Herbert is credited by Lady Gaga as the man who discovered her musical talent after he received copies of her early songs at Interscope Records in 2008.

Braxton is the younger sister of singer Toni Braxton. They have three other sisters: Traci, Trina and Towanda. Together they formed the music group The Braxtons in 1992. They also appeared together in the realty show "Braxton Family Values" in 2011.