What Are Some Tall Tales for Kids to Read?


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"John Henry: The Steel Driving Man," "Life of Johnny Appleseed," "Paul Bunyan: The Giant Lumberjack" and "Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West" are tall tales for children to read. Other examples are "Babe the Blue Ox" and "Blackbeard's Ghost."

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What Are Some Tall Tales for Kids to Read?
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The story of "John Henry: The Steel Driving Man" is about a folk hero who had great prowess as a steel-driver, a worker assigned to hammer a steel drill into rock to make tunnels. In the tale, John Henry raced against a steam-powered drill, winning the race but dying as a result.

"Life of Johnny Appleseed" is about a character who went around the United States planting apple trees. He is said to be responsible for much of the nation's supply of apple trees.

"Paul Bunyan: The Giant Lumberjack" tells the tale of the very tall Paul Bunyan and his adventures as a lumberjack in the American West. "Babe the Blue Ox" is a related story. This tall tale relates the story of how Bunyan found Babe, a blue ox, and made the animal his companion.

The story "Pecos Bill Cleans Up the West" relates the adventures of the legendary cowboy hero, Pecos Bill. The character is said to have invented calf roping, cattle branding and the six-shooter gun.

Blackbeard was a famous pirate, and the tale of "Blackbeard's Ghost" relates how his ghost came to haunt a place called Teach's Hole.

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