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"Talking Dead" is a live talk show where host Chris Hardwick and his guests discuss the popular zombie-apocalypse show "The Walking Dead." "Talking Dead" airs immediately after "The Walking Dead" on AMC.

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Guests on the show vary from celebrity fans of "The Walking Dead" to show cast and crew members. Past guest crew members include the creator, showrunners, producers and directors. In the past, when a character died on "The Walking Dead," the actor who played the character would be a guest on that night's show. The show has tried to quell this tradition, however, as producers realized that it might spoil the show for viewers.

"Talking Dead" is made up of feature segments including an "In Memoriam" segment that highlights the night's character deaths, as well as online polls, trivia, behind-the-scenes footage and fan questions that are sent in via phone, social media or through the "Talking Dead" website. The show originally had a 30-minute airtime, but AMC extended the program to 60 minutes midway through its second season, presumably due to its increase in viewership.

"Talking Dead" premiered in 2011 after the Season 2 premiere of "The Walking Dead" and is set to return alongside the sixth season of "The Walking Dead" later in 2015.

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