What Is a Synopsis of the Story of "The Three Little Pigs"?


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In traditional versions of "The Three Little Pigs," three anthropomorphic pigs build themselves houses in different ways and are attacked by a wolf. Their success and survival depends on the soundness of the construction of their houses. The theme of the story is that hard work and forethought pay off.

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What Is a Synopsis of the Story of "The Three Little Pigs"?
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The pigs in this story are nameless, known only as the first, second and third pigs. The first pig builds his house out of straw, and the second out of sticks. Having built their houses quickly and with little planning, the first two pigs spend the rest of their day dancing and singing. The third pig, however, works through the entire day and builds his house out of bricks.

The "big bad wolf" then enters the story. He wants to eat the pigs, so he chases after them until they run into their houses. He uses his lungs to "huff and puff and blow" the pigs' houses down. He blows the straw and the stick houses down easily. The two pigs then run into the third pig's house. Since this house is made of bricks, the wolf is unable to blow it down with his breath, and all the pigs survive.

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