What Is a Synopsis of "Saturday Night Fever"?


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"Saturday Night Fever" follows Tony Manero, played by John Travolta, as he practices to win a prestigious disco dance contest. Tony must also deal with drama in his personal life involving his friends and girlfriends.

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"Saturday Night Fever" begins with Tony working a dead-end job at a local paint store. Tony also faces increasing pressure from his parents to be more like is brother Frank, played by Martin Shakar, who has recently become a priest. Tony only has time to unwind on Saturday nights, when he dances at the 2001 Odyssey, a local disco club. Tony decides to enter an upcoming disco competition held at the club in hopes of parlaying his success into a career as a dancer.

Tony teams up with Stephanie Mangano, played by Karen Lynn Gorney, in his quest to win the competition. Tension develops between Stephanie, who is wealthy, and Tony, who is lower class. Tony and Stephanie are eventually named the winners of the disco competition, but Tony only believes they won because the judges were racist and didn't want to give first prize to a Puerto Rican couple. This leads to a huge fight between Tony and Stephanie, nearly ending their friendship. The movie ends with Tony and Stephanie reconciling.

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