What Are Some Synopsis Points for "Me Before You"?


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In "Me Before You," Will Traynor is a successful man who leads an exciting life, until he is hit by a motorcycle and becomes a quadriplegic. His parents hire Louisa Clark to be his secondary caregiver, and the two become close, despite Will's plans to end his life.

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Will spends two years dealing with his condition before telling his parents he wants to end his life through Dignitas, a program in Switzerland. They try to stop him, which leads to him attempting suicide. They come to an agreement where Will gives his parents six months, after which he can end his life.

Louisa is recently unemployed, having lost her job as a waitress. Will's mother hires her due to her positive attitude, hoping she can prevent Will from more suicide attempts. Although she has a boyfriend, they break up due to the lack of attention she receives from him and his jealousy.

Louisa and Will grow closer as she plans activities and trips for him. She tells him she loves him, but he tells her he still plans to end his life. She leaves her position and begins to focus on her own life, but still travels to Switzerland to see Will before his death. They reflect on the times they had together, and Will leaves Louisa a large amount of money to put towards her education and traveling.

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