What Is the Synopsis of the Movie "Snow White and the Huntsman"?


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The major motion picture "Snow White and the Huntsman" is a variation on the famous fairy tale "Snow White." In the movie, Eric the huntsman, tasked by a queen named Ravenna to kill Snow White, ends up protecting and mentoring Snow White.

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Ravenna, the evil queen of Tabor, learns from her magic mirror that she must consume the heart of Snow White to become immortal or Snow White will end up destroying her. The queen tasks a widowed huntsman, Eric, to help her men traverse the Dark Forest to find the escaped Snow White and return her. Eric finds Snow White, but after he learns that Ravenna misled him, he turns on the queen's men and helps Snow White escape.

Eric learns that Snow White is the rightful heir to the throne and that Ravenna is an imposter who overthrew White's father, the king. He and Snow White take sanctuary in the company of seven dwarves and her friend William, the son of Duke Hammond, who commit to helping her cause. However, Ravenna, takes the form of William and tricks Snow White into eating a poison apple, putting her into a comatose state. The tears of William and Eric wake her, and she takes control of Duke Hammond's army, which then marches on Ravenna's forces. Snow White kills Ravenna by stabbing her in the heart and takes her rightful place on the throne as queen.

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