What Is a Synopsis of the French Film "Numero 9"?


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In the film “Numero 9,” a ragdoll with the number 9 written on his back comes to life in a post-apocalyptic future and holds the key to humanity’s salvation. Also known as “9,” the protagonist in this animated film, known as “Number 9,” awakens in a frightening world where the world’s machines, led by the Great Machine, have turned on mankind and sparked social unrest. The human population had dwindled before the machines could be shut down.

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The ragdoll creatures come to life in the final days of humanity thanks to the work of a scientist. The character Number 9 exhibits leadership qualities that help the others survive. There are other characters that represent numbers one through nine. Each character must use individual strengths to fight against and outwit the machines that remain.

The ragdoll Number 9 carries a disk with symbols on it, and learns that the disk is integral to the salvation of mankind. There are other ragdolls like him with a single digit on their backs. The dolls may be the last hope for humanity’s salvation. This film is an animated fantasy, feature-length film. “Numero 9” is based upon a short film of the same name by Shane Acker that received an Academy Award nomination in 2004.

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