What Are the Symptoms of Vulvar Melanoma?


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The symptoms of vulvar melanoma include itching, burning, pain or soreness in the vulvar area, uncomfortable urination, and bleeding or discharge, according to Cancer.Net. As of 2015, vulvar melanoma comprises approximately 5 percent of all vulvar cancers, states Medical News Today.

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The symptoms of vulvar melanoma often concur with changes in appearance of the vulva or the vulvar area. A lump or growth in the vulva area may appear, for example. Vulvar melanomas are usually dark brown or black, although they can also be other colors, and they occasionally start in a mole, states the American Cancer Society. Not all moles are the source of a vulvar melanoma, but it is helpful to know what kind of mole potentially is.

The ABCDE rule is often used to distinguish a normal mole from a potentially cancerous mole, explains the American Cancer Society. The rule, an acronym, refers to the asymmetry, border, color, diameter and manner in which a mole evolves over time. If a mole is asymmetrical in shape, has a notched or ragged border, is polychromatic, has a diameter greater than 1/4 inch and seems to change in size, color and shape over time, then it may be cancerous.

Vulval cancers are more common among older women, according to Medical News Today. Vulval melanomas carry a high risk of metastasis.

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