What Are Sweet Baby Lullaby Songs?


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One sweet lullaby to sing to a baby is "Rock-a-Bye Baby," which ironically tells the story of a baby that falls out of a treetop while the parent or guardian sings in a soothing voice. Another example is "Lullaby and Goodnight."

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Another name for the soothing song "Lullaby and Goodnight" is "Brahms' Lullaby," so named since noted composer Johannes Brahms composed the music. One variation of the lullaby begins, "Lullaby and goodnight / With roses bedight," while a similar version begins with, "Lullaby and goodnight / With pink roses bedight." There is also a Christian variation that ends with "If God will, thou will wake / When the morning doth break," as well as an original German version of the song.

Parents may also try singing the lullaby "Hush Little Baby" to lull their children to sleep. The song starts off with, "Hush little baby, don't say a word / Momma's gonna buy you a mockingbird." The lyrics promise the child a ring if the bird fails to sing and a looking glass if the ring turns into brass. The song continues, "If that looking glass gets broke / Momma's gonna buy you a billy goat." Other things the song promises the child include a cart and pull, a dog named Rover, and, finally, a horse and cart. The lyrics finish by telling the child that if the horse and cart fall down, he's still the sweetest baby in the town.

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