What Is a Summary of "Travel Team" by Mike Lupica?

Written by Mike Lupica, "Travel Team" follows a young boy named Danny Walker who wants to play basketball and eventually ends up starting his own traveling basketball team with his dad. Though he originally wanted to play on the same travel team that his father led to the championship, Danny does not make the cut because he is too small in stature.

Danny's father's rival, Mr. Ross, is now the coach of the travel team and only wants strong, tall boys on his team. Not making the team upsets Danny because he wants to prove his basketball ability to his father. Danny does not want to play for any other team, so his dad comes up with the idea to start their own travel team. Danny is nervous about this idea because his dad suffers from a serious injury from a car accident that prevents him from working or playing basketball.

Danny's father is determined to conquer his own issues and help his son reach his goals. At first, Danny and his father have difficulty finding enough players, but Danny's friends agree to play. Eventually, they are able to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way, and their team wins the state championship game over Mr. Ross' team.