What Is the Summary of "The Tempest"?

summary-tempest Credit: Frank M. Rafik/CC-BY-2.0

"The Tempest," a drama by William Shakespeare, tells the story of some castaways brought to an island through a tempest created by the magician Prospero, who was exiled there with his daughter Miranda. During the play, Prospero, aided by his servant spirit Ariel, reconciles himself to Alonso, the king of Naples, and his brother Antonio, who had exiled him and usurped his position as the Duke of Milan.

The play opens with the storm-tossed boat carrying Alonso, his brother Sebastian, his son Ferdinand, Antonio and others. On the island, Prospero explains to Miranda that he used to be the duke of Milan and they lived in luxury, but his brother betrayed them. The spirit Ariel ensures that the boat reaches land safely, and the castaways are scattered around the island. Caliban is introduced as a wretched but needed servant who once tried to violate Miranda. Ferdinand meets Miranda, and they fall in love. Some of the castaways get Caliban drunk, and they conspire to kill Prospero. Antonio and Sebastian conspire to kill Alonso. Ariel foils both of these plots.

In the end, Caliban and his drunken allies are punished. Prospero consents to the marriage of Ferdinand and Miranda. He forgives Antonio, Alonso, Sebastian and even Caliban and grants Ariel his freedom. Prospero announces that they are to set sail together, and he reclaims his place as the Duke of Milan.