What Is the Summary of "Swiss Family Robinson" by Johann Wyss?

The novel "Swiss Family Robinson" by Johann Wyss is about a family from Switzerland on their way to Australia who are shipwrecked on a tropical island. They use their ingenuity and tools from the ship to survive, and eventually they regain contact with the outside world.

During a storm, the crew abandons ship and leaves a family, consisting of a father, a mother and their four sons, in the ship's hold. In the morning when the storm abates, the family finds themselves close to a tropical island. They build a raft, and they float to shore. In the coming days, they return to the ship and carry away as many tools, supplies, materials and animals as they can before the ship breaks apart and sinks.

Much of the book is about the family's struggle to survive in an unfamiliar environment. They build a tree house for shelter, and they find plants and animals to use for food, clothing and construction. Eventually, the oldest son, Fritz, explores the island, and on the other side he finds a girl living alone who was also shipwrecked. He brings her back to stay with the family. The girl's father, while searching for her, finds the whole family. Fritz and the girl leave with him, but the rest of the family stays on the island, having come to think of it as home.