What Is a Summary for the Sixth Season of Heartland?

Season six of the television show "Heartland" opens with Amy Fleming wanting to ask her boyfriend, Ty Borden, about the engagement ring she has discovered that he bought. Borden finds out that she knows about the ring and has to decide whether to propose.

Fleming and Borden end up getting engaged but hold off on telling their families when they return from a trip to find out about a fire at the home of Peter Morris and Lou Fleming Morris.

Much of the plot revolves around horses and horse jumping. In episode four, Fleming discovers that teenager Georgie Crawley has a talent for horse jumping. When a horse named Buckingham is seriously injured, Fleming must make a decision about another horse, Phoenix. After Buckingham dies, Bordon has to clear his name and prove that someone else was responsible.

In episode 13, Scott Cardinal discovers that a horse named Spartan has suffered a broken leg, forcing Fleming to make another tough decision. In the next episode, a fatality at Cardinal's clinic jeopardizes the future of Bordon's career as a veterinarian. Later, Crawley is questioning her horse jumping ability, but Fleming and Fleming Morris help her reclaim her confidence. The season closes with Crawley being visited by her brother Jeff.