What Is a Summary of "School Dance"?

“School Dance,” Nick Cannon’s 2014 directorial debut, tells the story of Jason Jackson, a socially awkward high school freshman who wants to join his school’s most popular dance crew. The movie tells his story largely through flashbacks. Bobb’e J. Thompson stars, and Kristinia DeBarge plays opposite him as his romantic interest. Kevin Hart, Wilmer Valderrama and Amber Rose also appear.

The film opens with Jackson shot outside his high school and then flashes back to his efforts to impress his crush Anastacia and join the The Ranger$ dance crew by stealing a pair of women’s underwear from rival dance crew Sweet Gyrls. Jason eventually overcomes Anastacia’s early memories of Jason soiling himself, and Anastacia agrees to write a song with him.

In a subplot involving a rival dance crew, Officers P’eniss and Lagney pursue the crew and confiscate alcohol and marijuana edibles for their own consumption.

The Ranger$ enter a dance competition to win a $2,000 prize they need to pay back a debt to Anastacia’s older brother. Jason overcomes his performance anxieties to rap with the group, but it is not enough for them to take the win from the Sweet Gyrls. In a face-off over the money after the event, Jason suffers a gunshot wound while protecting Anastacia. He recovers from the injury, repays the debt and gets the girl in the end.