What Is a Summary of the Movie Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines?


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To summarize "Wrong Turn 5: Bloodlines," three brothers by the names of One Eye, Saw Tooth and Three Finger escape from a mental hospital they were imprisoned in for cannibalism and murder and immediately begin another killing spree in the city of Fair Lake, West Virginia. At the same time, five friends head to Fair Lake to celebrate the Mountain Man festival on Halloween.

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On the way, the friends run over a man named Maynard and are apprehended by the police after a brawl ensues. Only one friend is left at the station when the cannibals show up in the city, turning off the power. The friends decide to stay at a motel until their friend is released, and one of the five is quickly killed. Two more of the five are attacked soon after, although the girl escapes. Meanwhile, the sheriff manages to release the friend in custody. The last two surviving friends search for the missing girl who was killed first and are not so lucky, as they both get murdered by a snow-blowing escaped brother. A different convict assisting the sheriff is next to be taken by the brothers and finds himself burned alive. The sheriff is then forced to kill herself after capture to avoid burning alive, and one sole friend remains; she is unable to see since Maynard stabbed her eyes out. The movies ends with her thinking she is saved, only to be picked up by the murderers.

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