What Is a Summary of the Film "Amigo Brothers"?

Ian Guerra's short film "Amigo Brothers" tells the story of two young friends: Benny "The Burrito" Sanchez and Paco "The Taco" Hernandez, who are members of an amateur boxing club. They realize that in the next match, they are scheduled to fight each other, which causes internal conflict for the characters. The film ends on a positive note at the beginning of the fight between the two friends.

At the beginning of the film, Benny is training with a punching bag, doing push-ups and pull-ups, all underscored with rap music. He then goes to meet his friend Paco, who invites him into his house. The two friends play a boxing video game and drink Sprite together. It is revealed that Benny and Paco are members of an amateur boxing club when Paco mentions that there is a fight coming up soon. Paco checks the schedule and realizes, to his and Benny's dismay, that they are scheduled to fight one another. After this, Benny leaves Paco's house abruptly. The next shots show Benny training and watching boxing matches on television. Then, in what is possibly a dream sequence, Benny and Paco fight. It appears that Benny has knocked out Paco. However, Paco recovers and delivers a surprise attack on Benny, who collapses against the wall. The final sequence introduces the big fight between the two friends, which takes place in a tool shed. The boys are announced like professional boxers, and the film ends as soon as the fight between them begins.