What Is a Summary of "The Fault In Our Stars"?


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In "The Fault In Our Stars," Hazel Grace Lancaster is suffering from complications of thyroid cancer when she meets Augustus "Gus" Waters at a cancer support group for teens and young adults. A fast friendship turns to love and a surprise twist takes readers on an emotional journey.

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"The Fault in Our Stars" is told from Hazel Grace's perspective. The reader learns that her cancer has spread to her lungs, leaving her physically weak. Gus, seemingly a healthy survivor, enables the realization of Hazel Grace's dream of meeting one of her favorite writers in Amsterdam. Upon arrival, the two spent time alone together, exploring the city and becoming closer. Once they meet with the writer, they learn that he is nothing that they expected. Before they leave Amsterdam, Gus reveals that his cancer has returned and it is understood that his time is limited. When they return, Hazel and Gus focus on enjoying what time they have left together.

Eventually, Gus decides that he wants to have a practice run of his funeral so he can hear what Hazel and his friend has to say about him. Borrowing from her once-favorite author, Hazel discusses her relationship with Gus in terms of infinity. She has accepted that they do not have as much time as she wants, but the time they spent together will go on. Gus, having heard his eulogy, succumbs to his illness days later. The writer shows up at the funeral to talk to Hazel. The story closes when the writer discloses that Gus reached out to him in his last days and asked for one last favor for Hazel.

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