What Is the Summary of "The Family Under the Bridge"?

"The Family Under the Bridge" entails a story about a hobo who meets a homeless family with children and grows close to them. The main character, who begins the story of a loner, is faced with his dislike for children and ends up helping the family as he learns the value that children can hold and finally accepts the importance of family.

Armand, a hobo living in Paris, France, does not like children. He feels that the world is better off without them, and he enjoys his life alone on the streets. He relies only on himself, and nobody depends on him, and he likes it that way. However, one day he meets another homeless family under his bridge, a mother and three children. The children of the family quickly grow close to Armand, which at first is a repulsive idea to him. He aims to seek out another bridge away from the family, but the children convince him to stay.

As the Christmas holidays approach, Armand begins to enjoy his time with the children and even begins to like them. As a result, he aims to make the holiday season special for them. Armand then learns of the children's desire to have a home for Christmas, and he then makes it his goal to fulfill their wish.